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Music Lessons

Artistic Elements offers in-home Music Lessons to children and

adults of all ages and levels.  Instruments that are currently offered include:










Music Theory

Adapted Music Lessons

Adapted Music Lessons are available to individuals of all ages with

impairments or disabilities.  Those who would benefit from adapted l

essons include individuals that cope with cognitive, emotional,

social and behavioral impairments.


Adapted Music Lessons are lessons that are customized to fit the needs

of each student. Adapted Music Lessons incorporate goals beyond

educational outcomes, in which practical skillsets can be addressed

and exercised in everyday life.  Such goals include socialization, attention,

memory and recall, verbal and artistic expression, anxiety management,

coping skills, quality of life, and reading.  


Adapted lessons are available to all ages ranging from 4 years to 100 years old. 

In-Home Music Therapy

All individuals of any age with disabilities could benefit from Music Therapy.  

Music Therapists design and provide therapy sessions that address goals

and specific needs of each client. Those who would most benefit from

music therapy include individuals with:


Learning Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sensory and Perception Impairments

Mental Health (Anxiety and Depression)

Alzheimer's and Dementia


To learn more about Music Therapy, please visit the following sites:


Music & Autism

Music & Depression

Music & Alzheimer's Disease

Off-Site Music Therapy

Our music therapists travel to assisted living facilities, memory care units,

senior living residences and nursing homes to provide individual and group

Music Therapy sessions for those with stroke, Alzheimer's disease and Dementia.  

Skills that are addressed in session include, but are not limited to:

Cognition: memory, recall, decision making, attention

Quality of Life


Emotional Regulation

Respiratory exercise

Verbal communication 

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