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What is Artistic Elements LLC?

Artistic Elements LLC was founded in 2016 by music teacher and board-certified music therapist, Allison Riley. We are a small music studio that offers affordable in-home or virtual music lessons, adapted music lessons, and music therapy to children and adults of all ages, levels, and abilities. With over 80 members of our studio, we continue to grow and offer high quality musical services to all. ALL AGES. ALL ABILITIES. ALL WELCOME.

What makes Artistic Elements special?

We offer various music services to children, adults, and older adults.  Additionally, these services conveniently take place in your home!  

These music services include:

  • Music Lessons on various instruments

  • Adapted music lessons for individuals with disabilities

  • In-home individual Music therapy

  • Off-site individual and group Music therapy

What instruments do you offer lessons and adapted lessons in?

Some instruments depend on location because of where different teachers are based. 

  • Bucks County (PA):

    • Piano, Voice, Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, French horn, and Percussion

  • Mercer County (NJ):

    • Piano, Voice, and Guitar

Where is Artistic Elements located?

We are conveniently located in your home. Our teachers and therapists travel to you and provide high quality, affordable music lessons and/or therapy services. Our home base is Holland, PA.


Do you offer lessons outside of the home?

We sometimes can provides services in the home of the teacher or therapist. If you are interested in learning more about out-of-home music services, please ask us.

Who are the teachers and therapists employed by Artistic Elements?

Each teacher and therapist is interviewed and hired based on skill level, experience, background and personality.

Teachers are required to have at least 2 years of teaching experience or is a current Music student at an accredited college. Therapists employed by Artistic Elements are either board-certified practioners or in their senior year/graduate level of Creative Arts or Music Therapy study.


Who can benefit from Artistic Elements?

All services are available to children and adults of any age and ability. Please see SERVICES for more information. ALL AGES. ALL ABILITIES. ALL WELCOME.


What books do we use?

Books and lesson materials vary for each student based on age, level, interest, learning style, and instrument.  For piano, two commonly used lesson books are the Faber's Piano Adventure and Bastien series. These series includes multiple levels ranging from beginner to advanced as well as all-in-one adult lesson books. We require each student to use a Lesson Book and a staff notebook, all of which can be purchased online through Amazon. Supplemental materials are also found within the series, such as Performance, Popular Repertoire, Classics and more.  Furthermore, if you have books from previous teachers that you want to continue using, we can accommodate your requests.  Teachers also allow students to learn songs of interest.  Some examples include the Star Wars and Harry Potter theme, The Rainbow Connection, and more!

Do you offer music lessons to adults?

Yes!  It is never too late to learn an instrument.  Our teachers are experienced professionals who work with students of all ages. ranging from 4 years old to 105!

How does payment work?

Artistic Elements receives check, cash, or online payments.  To learn more about pricing and payments, please contact us.


Is there a travel fee?


What are your policies?

We have three policies that the families and teachers/therapists of Artistic Elements are advised to follow:

MAKEUP POLICY:  If you cannot do lessons/sessions on the scheduled day, it must be made up.  You can either schedule a lesson for another day, or extend the next lesson(s) to a longer time period.  For example, a missed 30-minute lesson could be made up by extending the next two week's lessons to 45-minutes.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance.  If not, we charge half the cost of the scheduled lesson/session for that day OR it can be made up without penalty.

NO SHOW POLICY:  If you are not home for your lesson without contacting the teacher to cancel or reschedule, we charge the full lesson/session amount.


Why are there policies?

Two critical reasons. One, because it affects the teacher's or therapist's schedule. Two, because weekly lessons/sessions are most beneficial and affective for growth and progress. The policies emphasize the importance of a regular schedule and respects the value of music education and music therapy as well as the profession. 

Our policies are made to be fair to you and the teacher, and to keep lessons consistent.  We are understanding of emergencies and the effects of inclement weather as everyone experiences them, which is why we strongly encourage trying to schedule a makeup lesson rather than canceling last minute.

Our teachers and therapist do their best to follow the same plan!


Who is the contact person?

Allison is always available to address any questions or concerns. Families will also have direct contact with their assigned teacher/therapist in order to schedule and reschedule lessons.


Will I have direct contact with my teacher?

Yes, you will have direct contact with the teacher for scheduling.  For any other concerns or if the teacher cannot answer a specific question, you are encouraged to contact Allison directly.

Is there a recital or any type of performance opportunity?

Absolutely!  We hold recitals yearly.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Email Allison at She will be more than happy to help. You can also inquire more information by clicking here or to schedule your first session! 


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